6. Add Customer
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    6. Add Customer

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    Article Summary

    You could add your existing customers to WhatsApp Business API (i.e. Sanuker or Twilio) or Chat API channel.

    Import Customers

    1. Click your Profile Picture at the top right

    2. Go to Settings > Customer List

    3. Click "+Import Customer"

    4. Download the "Spreadsheet Template"

    5. Fill in the information according to the instruction in the Spreadsheet Template

    6. Click "Import File" > Select the file of "Spreadsheet Template" > Click "Confirm Import". You could also view the number of customers to be imported.

    Add Individual Customer

    1. Go to Chat Page

    2. Click "+New Chat" at the buttom

    3. Select the WhatsApp channel you want to chat with your customer.

    4. Input your customer's phone number and click "Start Chat"

    Note: If you add your customer to WhatsApp Business API Channel (i.e. Sanuker or Twilio), you can only send approved template message to your customer to start conversation. To apply for WhatsApp template message, please contact us.